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I'm very excited to be a part of this team traveling to Uganda; and to see what will happen when we join with those in Uganda spreading the Love of God.

ABOUT Uganda Ministry Trips

For almost 20 years, it’s been His Voice Global’s (HVG) mission to redeem, restore, and renew individuals, families, and communities who have endured intense suffering and hopelessness in some of the most difficult to reach places on the planet.

At His Voice Global, we believe changing the world happens when one person gives what they can to help someone else who is suffering. By offering access to holistic change and giving the vulnerable a voice, you have the chance to be a part of redeeming, restoring, and renewing the broken.

HVG’s ministry in Uganda was birthed out of our South Sudan ministry. As some of the South Sudanese kids have gotten older they have gone to tech schools and universities in Uganda. We have 3 families of missionaries that work with the students, discipling them and doing ministry alongside them. 

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Marc Aitkin 11/21/2022 $3,965.66  
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